SEO – What Clients Want

The job of SEO engineers is much harder than originally perceived. The elementary purpose of search engine optimization is to bring in more visitors into a website and help them get their desired information. However, this is a one dimensional view of what a client wants from SEO service providers. The reality is much larger and has become more complex than ever before.

The first step to understanding what a client wants is to analyze the gap between a SEO’s deliverability and the client expectations. The traditional SEO service will improve the quality of the website and increase its visibility. The core purpose is to make the website search engine friendly. To enable this, SEO engineers have to understand how search engines work. Optimizing may require editing the content of a website and its associated HTML coding. Keywords have to be specific and relevant. Another common tactic is to promote the website by providing back links and inbound links. Remember that the above mentioned processes are only a bird’s eye view of what SEO does.

The Internet is an ever changing virtual world, where modifications happen before you can bat an eyelid. The client might or might not be aware of this persisting change. Regardless of their cognition, the demands continue to be monolithic. If the SEO provides a considerable level of traffic to a website, the client will want more traffic and visibility. In other words, the expectations tend to proliferate.

Time is one of the most important factors. Clients want their demands to be met in the least time frame. This is where a SEO team would usually cringe because the whole process of SEO takes a certain period of time. With the ever pouring competitors, the task is even more difficult to achieve. Right from the keyword research to exploring new tactics to optimize a website, SEO engineers need to undertake a labyrinth process in meeting the client’s demands.

After a while, the number of visitors and hits matter less to the client. What the client really wants is real-time sales and increase in the number of potential customers. A quality SEO must be able to achieve this. The virtual world is organic. Change is the real keyword for any website. As the tastes and preferences of the end user changes, so must the client’s website.

The process can take a while to be implemented and some clients do understand this. But that doesn’t stop them from seeking reports on a daily basis. This will help them determine if the progress is favorable. Prompt reporting and action oriented progress is what the clients require. Apart from this, the client would also appreciate measurable insights from the SEO team.

No two clients are the same. Each client has their own specific and unique needs to be fulfilled. It’s a world of competitors. One faulty move is enough to crumble the whole process. Therefore, it is the obligation of SEO to rise up to the challenge and perform beyond the client’s expectation.


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