How to Write SEO-Friendly Press Releases

On an average day, thousands of press releases are distributed across the Internet. Amidst the big bunch of press releases, how can you distribute your own press release and allow your target audience to reach you? The answer is Search Engine Optimization. With the appropriate usage of SEO, you can set your press release apart from the pack. In simpler terms, if the target audience Googles your company, you need to show up in the search results.

Garnering the media coverage is one of the important attributes of a SEO-friendly press release. Your press release needs audience and the audience, in turn, need the content. This content needs to be enriched with keywords and related information. Stuffing keywords will blacklist your press release. Hence, you need to be careful and follow a set of useful tips on how to write SEO-friendly press releases.

The story is for your customers. Profound jargons and corporate terms will not work with the audience. Ensure that you use terms that a common man can understand. Let your press release be proofread by someone outside of your industry. If they can understand it, go ahead.

Try using a keyword search tool for the right keywords. Your press release needs to grab the audience in a short while. Unrelated keywords can prove to be disastrous. The trick is to know the keywords well before you even start on the press release. While keywords are the primary attribute, other related terms can be highlighted. This will improve the readability. For instance, a new product or a new brand can be highlighted to make the right impact with the audience. Additional information can be linked to external pages. Remember that too many links is not compatible with search engines. Keywords need to have anchor links that can be routed back to your website.

The first set of words (preferably, the first 250) must be optimized. This will grab the attention of the reader and make him want to read more. the first set of words is crucial because it can make or break an interest in the viewer’s mind. The earlier mentioned tips can be incorporated into the first 250 words.

Read up on SEO on a regular basis. Let your writing evolve with time. Patience will help in gathering enough skills to set a good press release. Setting learning schedules enable you to master SEO tactics.

Always ask for feedback fro regular bloggers, journalists and potential customers. Credible feedback helps you in understanding the nitty-gritty of tactics for improving your press releases. Let the customers know that you have great value for their feedback. Keep sending personal emails to your customers. This is an investment in disguise.

Write the content that is engaging enough to keep the customer coming back for more. Do not include a date in your press release. This will make the content look outdated and affects the credibility. Analyze the impact of your content and let the press release be newsworthy.


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