10 SEO tips for attractive search engine friendly web design

A website is created to project your company online to the outside world to canvass business from your prospective customers, and invite enquiries from the viewers regarding your product/ services. As website is demand oriented, many started writing articles on their specialized areas/ products but not all could succeed,   their articles being not SEO friendly.

A few SEO tips for attracting search engine friendly web designs are given below.

1. Invent a creative and unique, short but catchy title for appealing the readers such that the very glance of it should depict a rough image of your article.

2. Let your title not exceed 6 to 8 words consistent with the capacity of your search engine.

3. If your title is found to be used by others also, modify it, adding or eliminating one or two words from the main theme. You can also import potential key words, for search results.

4. Amplify the abbreviations used sufficiently as not all may understand it.

5. Adopt search engine naming convention in each page of your articles with one or two words prefixed or suffixed to the main theme of the title.

6. Building your site with flash or frames will prevent crawling on the content involving a disaster for search engine optimization. Avoid splashing of page and Java script.

7. As an important SEO tip do not place important key words inside the “Alt” tag in your website to describe the image. Do not place text as an image inside your website, to avoid preventing search engine from crawling on the content.

8. Titling is one of the most import SEO tip to put your keywords. Place keywords on search engines at the front of the title and inside your meta-description tag for good ranking.

9. Placing a site map on your website easily will assist your optimization greatly.

10. Provide text navigation links on your page for easy reading if needed.

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